Bit set, 31 pcs OMT31S Ombra Tools



1/4’’ DR bits Phillips: PH0, PH1, PH2, PH3, PH4 POZIDRIV: PZ0, PZ1, PZ2, PZ3, PZ4 TAMPERPROOF TORX: T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30 HEX: H1.5, H2, H2.5, H3, H4, H5, H6 Slot: SL3, SL4, SL4.5, SL5, SL5.5, SL6, SL7 1/4‘‘DR Bit holder with mechanical fi xation Plastic packing

Ombra Tools offer wide choice of High Quality tools for competitive prices.

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