TORX® key set Т10-Т50, 9 pcs 953009 Ombra Tools



Set: T10, Т15, Т20, Т25, Т27, Т30, Т40, Т45, Т50

L-shaped Hex keys with an enlarged long part and a ball provide access to fasteners in a limited working space. They are made of alloyed chromevanadium steel by the technology, which allows using high loads in working process.

OMBRA® screwdrivers are equipped with original composite oil-and-gasoline resistant handles, which ensure a reliable grip of the tool when working, thanks to the correct combination of soft and hard parts. Rods, fixed in the handle with special strength, are made of SVCM steel. The working parts are hardened to high hardness and magnetized.

Ombra Tools offer wide choice of High Quality tools for competitive prices.
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